Edward Filene Credit Union Awards for Excellence - COMMUNITY Entry Criteria

For credit unions to become successful and maintain their success, they should continually outreach to the entire field of membership to first mobilise and then galvanise it to undertake actions for the good of the entire community.

Credit unions should not have a sense of entitlement to the savings and loans business of their membership fields; like all other authorised deposit takers and regulated lenders, they should go out into the market and compete for a place in it.  They have additional weapons that no other “firms” in the financial services industry and the broader economy have.  Active dynamic credit unions outreach into entire communities, mobilising them into taking actions for the common good - a unique credit union difference and often ignored.  Inspiring and innovative ideas have been entered by credit unions over the past few years, demonstrating ...

Excellence shown in engaging in direct credit union advocacy with local/national politicians
With credit unions having the owner-membership numbers that can affect the result of elections at all levels, they can put a credit union list of "wants" to politicians at all levels, regardless of their political affiliation

  • What causes were pursued by the credit union?
  • Who were the target politicians pursued by the credit union? – please name them and their rank, but as credit unions are apolitical, no mention of a political party need be made.
  • What proofs of this activity can be provided?
  • What are the results?

Excellence shown in performance by a credit union engaging in community outreach and mobilisation, including dispensing credit union education and general financial information to the entire “Common Bond”.   
Some indicators are:


  • ​How does the credit union outreach to all the communities and organisations within its Common Bond.
  • Does the credit union partner with any other organisations in joint projects and if so, how and why were they chosen and what were the measured outcomes, both social and financial, produced for the parties?


  • What methods are used to dispense credit union knowledge and provide essential financial information?
  • ​Does the credit union use the same “one size fits all” approach to all groups and organisations or are “bespoke” methods adopted?  If so, what are they?

Excellence shown in performance by a credit union engaging in fundraising for good causes (other than the credit union)

  • Credit unions in the USA and the island of Ireland are embedded in the communities they serve and its activities. The credit unions and their owner-members do good in their communities nationally and internationally by engaging in all sorts of charitable acts. Credit unions can access the website "Unite for Good" for some ideas. To be really successful in their market, credit unions should not confine themselves to basic savings and loans activities, but should develop as both businesses and social enterprises.
  • Which good causes were chosen and what was the reason for this choice?
  • What activities did the credit union engage in?
  • Did the credit union partner with any other organisations in these activities and who were they?
  • How did these activities enhance the reputation of the credit union?

Excellence shown in performance by a credit union in use of the media   

  • How does the credit union create news stories?
  • Which forms of media does it use?   e.g. magazine/newspaper articles, guest appearances on radio, television broadcasts, use of social media, advertising, publicity “stunts” for the credit union and charitable organisation it supports, videos etc. 
  • Give details of the proven benefits of any media exposure


The following Award is open only to selected entrants, the winning of this does not count towards the Supreme Award  (click for information on this)

“Edward Filene Credit Union Award for Performance Excellence by the winner of a category making a film about their entry and Credit Union

This Award will be open to credit unions winning one or more categories, at which point (in utmost confidence) they will be requested to make this film which should cover specifically the activities described in their winning entries.

Only after the Judging Panel has made their decisions will the invitations go out to make this film.  The film editor, who compiles these films into an edited loop, acts as the Judge for this Award.   No prior notice will be given of success in this Award category. 

Good luck with your entries!   Any questions - don't hesitate to contact the Awards Office - see the "Helpline", also on the menu above